The Dietrich Effect: Why we need bad influences

The Dietrich Effect Why we need bad influences

Dietrich was already a famous movie star in Berlin before she came to Hollywood. Her movie “Der Blaue Engel” bring her international fame so her journey to the USA began. Hollywood knew her as Femme Fatale and both the industry and herself created a persona that Fatale indeed. herself created a persona that Fatale indeed. Why this fatalism served us, ladies, especially?


The New It Item: MASKS

The new it item Masks

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Covid-19 is undeniably the catastrophe of the year. And we are all shaping our lives according to it. The world is slowly getting adapted to the new normal and mask becoming fashionable. If fashion would be an animal it would be chameleon. Now, with its impressive adapting expertise, the fashion industry presents us with the new hip items: The Masks!