Essential wardrobe. Minimalism

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Minimalism is a super trending word right now. Aesthetic of simplicity invades in fashion and art as society needs to return to a state of balance through thoughtful consumption, purity of lines and clarity of forms.

However, if you imagine minimalism just by  scrolling through Pinterest pics of clean monochrome wardrobes, you might get it wrong.

What is minimalist approach?

Minimalism means getting rid of all “extras”, leaving only what brings you real value and joy. Minimalist fashion means having a minimum amount of clothes in your wardrobe that suits you and brings joy. Basically, the five main keys to it are:

  1. Making informed decisions about purchases
  2. Getting rid of unnecessary things in life and wardrobe
  3. Quality before quantity
  4. The minimum amount of clothing that really suits you
  5. Only useful garments and the lack of details

Minimalist tips

With minimal approach to clothing, buying quality essentials is a good place to start with. Look for solid multi-layered things that can be worn on top of each other as layering is one of minimalism secrets. Preferred textures are soft wool, knitwear, cotton, silk, satin and leather – all in shades of gray or warm neutral tones.

Discreet clothing elements will become the basis of your wardrobe, while thoughtful details, such as contrasting stitching, sculptural silhouettes and subtle textures, small picky details will take any so-called basic to a new level.

To make it easier, minimalist style has the certain list of must-have things, particulary for summer:

  • Cotton t-shirt
  • Halter top
  • High-quality knitted longsleeve
  • Perfect blue denim
  • White shirt with a loose fit
  • Light suit in neutral colors
  • Basic dress
  • Black/brown bag
  • Sandals
  • White sneakers

Today, minimalism is the antithesis to the modern fast fashion activity. It is also the basement and essential part of every personal style. As a result, you will have less stress and doubts about your daily wardrobe applicability. So don’t wait for things in life to get clearer and simplier. Sart now with your own clothes!

P.S. Don’t forget, being in the center of fashion is easier than it seems!

Katerina Chetiner

“P.S. Don’t forget, being in the center of fashion is easier than it seems!”