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The Pantone institute determines main colors twice a year, so here is what we know for the new S/S 21 season:

5 classic shades and 10 from the main palette.

All of them are determined by recent pandemic issue and carry inside the great hope for relieve.

S/S colors also indicate an attire for gardening during the quarantine period. Also, many people, not being able to go out from homes, began to look closely at the surfaces — houses and roofs, fences, roads, sun and sky.

In short, the upcoming year is painted with all the colors of the rainbow and even more. Those are colors of life, emotions, desires to travel and wish for joy.

Among them are:

  • sky blue
  • life-affirming yellow
  • bright orange with a shade of rust
  • shades of pink
  • eccentric amethyst
  • deep blue
  • light mint

The Pantone institute has identified sunny yellow as one of the main shades of 2021.

The second important color, symbolizing fortitude, calmness and balance, was a flawless gray.

To the list of unexpected colors for summer we can add chocolate. It looks great in the form of tight knit dresses and strict suits that can be worn with a bra or even on the naked body.

Another shade that we rarely see in summer season is Amethyst Orchid. Dramatic and eccentric, it creates rather an ultra-glamorous look or tender fantasy with “flying” sleeves and see-through fabric.

And finally, it is important to note the shades of pink —they were used by a huge number of designers. Mix and match it in neon, bubble-gum or more romantic version.

What is remarkable: all the colors exist not only within the seasonal palette, but also in the form of pastel options.

Moreover, they are very easy to combine with each other. There are no frames – only a large field for creativity!

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Katerina Chetiner

“P.S. Don’t forget, being in the center of fashion is easier than it seems!”