The New It Item: MASKS

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Covid-19 is undeniably the catastrophe of the year. And we are all shaping our lives according to it. The world is slowly getting adapted to the new normal and mask becoming fashionable. If fashion would be an animal it would be chameleon. Now, with its impressive adapting expertise, the fashion industry presents us with the new hip items: The Masks!

Most fashion brands like reformation and Love Shack Fancy are making cloth masks with matching fabric with their dresses.

They are washable and reusable. Of course, it is a little harder to keep aseptic than single-use ones. But in the long term, it is more eco friendly and more budget-friendly. Besides the Gucci mask that Billie Eilish wore at the Grammys in January 2020.  Hi-End brands like Louis Vuitton and Palm Angels made stand-out masks to keep it funky. Mask our new reality now but at least they are great for selfies!

When Covid-19 hit us unprepared a large number of fashion companies made facial masks voluntarily. Of course, Hi-End fashion brands made those masks for a charitable, eco- friendly reason. I am sure that they want to see the world as a better place but it seems they made a great deal of self-publicity. Saying this depending on “social media face masks posts” scores high!  Luxury fashion brand’s posts manufacturing and donating face masks and other items to essential workers during the pandemic are getting noticed on social media. These posts get reposted a lot and shared widely.

The reason behind the scene is insignificant, the important thing is to unite. The fashion industry has an enormous effect on people’s lives and it should act consciously.  The only consolation of living these hard times is at least things are changing. Fashion is becoming more aware, conscious, and charitable! 

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Yasemin Eda Küley

“Fashionziner Masterpieces New Author”