Manicure Trend: Rainbow Nails

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Everyone, especially influencers, is showing more interest in nail art this year. I know it’s legendary. It completes being a stylish and elegant woman. Unlike plain tones, colorful tones are on the radar of elegance this year. I too must admit that I am addicted to nail art. Sometimes I question myself in terms of time. because there is someone who takes care of your hands for three hours. but definitely worth what I expected. I get very happy every time I look at my nails. especially colorful tones…

Of course, everyone has their own favorite color. For example, I am also in favor of plain tones on nails. some of them never give up red. However, this year’s rainbow trend started to be seen in everyone’s hands. I think the presence of every color caused this.

Last year’s manicure trends were about nude and monochrome tones. This year, we often see shimmering or matte brushes of different shades. The biggest thing of this manicure trend is that everyone can use whatever user wants. The Result is a typical look as well as being trendy.

The blue of the ocean, the blue of the clouds, the green of the forests, the pink of roses, the yellow of the sun, the orange of the sunset, the purple of the violet, the red of the wine, the night of the black, the colors are everywhere. They all have a completely different energy. The vibe that each color gives is very special. For this reason, a colorful mixture warms our interior. We feel the energy of each color a little. I think this will be an amazing feeling. The rainbow pattern exudes the vibe I mean. I love this feeling.

Pastel tones are indispensable for the spring season, while tones reminiscent of lush green fields, deep blue skies, and colorful flowers are quite popular. If you want to be included in this trend, you can have a rainbow nail art and have wonderful nails.

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