Frankensteins of Closets

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What's This?

Sustainability became an important part of our lives. Whether it’s for saving the planet or not wasting money, we tend to buy less items or upcycle our belongings and use them in different ways after they are ripped off or are needed anymore. Thankfully people are getting more and more creative with using their old belongings so recently, it’s not a need that arises from prudence but a need of beauty and fun!

As a fashion designer it is the most difficult for me to give up on my old or ripped off clothes because somehow I create a bond with them. So I’ve been searching for and thinking about some ways to up-cycle my clothes to extend their life span. Then it turned out to be a way of “correcting” the style of some new clothes that are comfortable but some kind of… ugly.

You don’t have to have a sewing machine, hand stitching is always an option. And it doesn’t have to perfect, you will become a pro with some practice! Next time, instead of throwing out worn out clothes or giving up on a comfortable piece because it doesn’t fit your style, up cycle them. So here are some tips for up cycling clothes that you can try at home easily!

Keep in mind that clothes don’t have to serve for the need that they were made for. Pants can be jackets and jackets can be skirts.

Enlarging clothes is a great option if you are not ready to let go your favorite pants or shirts and all you need is a piece fabric (or another garment to cut, haha).

Using a beautiful embroidery or a print of a garment to decorate another one is a great idea! You can also turn them into some attachable pieces like brooches to use with several different garments.

You can cut and sew a single garment and grant it a whole different style!

Dresses turn into skirts and turn into bags!

Feel free to share your wearable frankensteins with me!

Until then bye-byes fashion-pies!


Göksu Güneylioğlu

“Fashion needs revolution so here we go!”