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Do you want to know why minimalist fashion is becoming increasingly popular? How do minimalist individuals look chic, fashionable, and effortlessly beautiful?

Basically minimalism refers to, “use as little as possible”. This can either be using less garments or using less variety of materials (Gubensek, 2017). In any case, minimalism in fashion refers to simplicity. Minimalists say a lot with least amount of clothing needed! They show off their style with perfection, and they don’t have to cram their closets to do it. As we all know, in the past design styles demonstrated as many colors and fabrics as possible, however, today, we want less. There are various reasons for this.

First of all, by building minimalist and even capsule wardrobes, millennials are in fact, saving money. We all know some people only have black T-shirts and jumpers in their closets, for example Steve Jobs being the most famous of them all. Also, people do not want to spend their money nor their time on thinking what to wear. Besides, who does not look good in a black dress? Actually, minimalism is the way to look elegant effortlessly.

Nowadays, people realized that life means more than thinking about what to wear all the time (Smith). We want to look elegant without spending more than five minutes about thinking what to wear. The tip is that small number of colors in a minimalist chosen palette makes it easy to create chic outfits without any problem, every single time. The fabrics go well together, the design and cuts also, so there is no chance of making a fashion mistake.

Another reason for the popularity of minimalist fashion is the increasing tendency towards sustainability (Smith). Younger generations have realized that in order to protect the planet, we should create less waste. If you own simple clothes, you get timeless elegance instead of short-lived trendy items, and due to the good quality, you get to wear your clothes a whole lot longer.  Also one of the most important ways to create less waste is to consume less, which can be done by buying fewer clothes. Shopping responsibly is the way to save the planet!

If you haven’t realized before you should try bringing fewer clothes into your life. It sparks something, which can be the beginning of a change. Gradually you start seeing the world and coming to a realization that there is more to life than owning a bunch of things.

So, in today’s world, minimalism is the best fashion option. It is what is good for us and our planet as well. You will be surprised to find out when you will to feel liberated when you start to understand minimalism, so start with your wardrobe and see where that takes you.

Merve Başkaya

 “Wear clothes that matter”


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