Sustainable Materials: Bio-Leather and Bio-Feather

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Search for sustainable resources has been embraced by almost all brands in the last decade. Some made commitments, some established their new brands, some created sub-brands respectful to the earth. We have been seeing a lot of ‘Save the Earth,’ ‘There is no planet B’ slogans all over of us. How happy to see that more and more people are getting interested in this awareness.

Literally companies are in a competion to find new materials and resources. They have the knowladge of consumer behaviors. Potential customers are getting more pickey about their choices. Animal rights awareness is increasing. Number of vegan people is growing rapidly. With the help of social media people are getting more concious about how animals are getting abused by meat and fashion industries. These impacts are prompting them to question our needs.

Currently we are seeing great developments in these industries. Bio-based and biodegradable materials, fabrics, fibers are getting more and more popular.  According to the Business of Fashion website’s article; eight times more patent application filed for fashion materials in 2019 compared to 2013. Research companies are putting a great effort to bring alternatives to textile industry. One of these companies is Pinatex. This is a leather development company that produces leather from pineapple leaves which grows in Philippines. This production helps to re-use of the pineapple leftovers and prevents animal based leather use. This material was used for upholstery in the first vegan hotel suite in London.

Another plant based leather brand is Desserto. Desserto uses cactuses, which are fully organic planted, to produce leather. They do not use pesticides like Pinnatex.

Another pioneer development made in feather business. Fashion brand Pangaia introduced flower based coats. Those coats are not different than down jackets, they keep you pretty warm. Materials are fully biodegradable and no animal is harmed.

Increasing amount of investments and researches for more eco-friendly, nature respectful and sustainable resources are promising acts. Definately fashion industry saying goodbye to animal based materials. Wishing to see these materials more common as soon as possible.

“Fashion industry says goodbye to animal based materials soon.”

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Begüm Oğuz

“I write about future”