Loungewear’s Golden Era

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During the quarantine time our fashion definition totally changed. Nobody touched their wardrobe’s fashion pieces. Nowadays all of us are just using sweatsuits, jerseys, more comfortable clothing. Our daily clothing preferences are replacing the occasion and formal workwear.

According to the global well known trend forecasting website WGSN’s report; customer behavior comparison between 2019-2020 year on year shows us consumers are leading to more comfortable clothing. Also United Kingdom’s fashion newspaper Business of Fashion’s (BOF) report confirms this demand.

Sweatsuits, sweatpants, sweatshirts and cycling shorts trend was already a part of our lives. But with the quarantine time, we should admit that they captured our lives. Looks like when we get back to our normal (pre-covid) lives, these lounge wear effect will not go away. More people will be preferring and adapting their formal or daily routine clothing to this trend.

Relaxed, comfortable clothing trend was coming recently but it increased its pace in the last quarter of year. Staying home and attending to meetings with our cozy clothing accelerated the adaption process undoubtedly. Influencers appeared in their cozy lounge pants and sweatshirts on their social media accounts. For instance; buzzfeednews website is questioning that why all influencers are wearing tie-dye sweatsuits in a funny way. One of most loved lingerie and loungewear brand Victoria’s Secret’s home page is welcoming us with loungewear promotions.

Loungewear and activewear brands are leading the market together and their collections are covering both area. Consumers are using their yoga pants in daily routine and combining them with sweatshirts. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Gymshark, Set Active and Istanbul based brand Les Benjamins can be good examples for this.Apart from these brands there are fast fashion brands like Beshka, Pull & Bear, Oysho, River Island and ASOS are already spared a big space for loungewear in their collections. Featured colors are tie-dyes, pop-up colors, neons, natural and stone shades. Also we should say that timeless grey and black come in every shape. Another upcoming trend is knitted loungewear suits. Giving a more cozy, warm and elegant message. Brands like Live the Process looks like embraced by some well-known influencers.

We cannot deny the leadership of loungewear in the market. It also going to be more dominant in daily life in a couple of years. This is obviously visible even now. Comfort is getting the keyword for everyone and every stage of life. Get ready to join your meetings with your sweatpants!

“Comfort is the keyword.”

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Begüm Oğuz

“New Author of Fashionziner Masterpieces”

References: businessoffashion.com/articles/professional/sweatsuits-and-yoga-pants-are-selling-like-crazy-what-happens-when-lockdowns-end