New Customer of New Era

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I’d like you to invite you to consider about your quarantine wishlist. Do you see a significant change, between your pre-quarantine and quarantine time shoppings?

During this time of the wear undeniably people started to question their needs. We can see the effects in market. Department stores like J.C. Penny and Debenhams announced their bankruptcies. Fast fashion brands lost the attention. Sales numbers decreased significantly in fashion. People changed their shopping habits and started to consume just essentials for life. Only lounge and active wear is doing well in clothing segment according to the UK’s trend and fashion newspaper Business of Fashion(BOF). Consumers are paying attention to their comfort and their health. Human being was understanding the importance of health during the last decade. Growing number of people was interested in going gym, outdoor sports, doing yoga, buying healthy groceries. This pandemic toughed more people how health is crucial.

While moving to new post-quarantine time in our lives, customers will probably be looking for more meaningful products in all categories of shopping. And the key point of appealing this new consumer module is to respect to world. ‘Respecting and being kind to the world’ are also not new marketing mottos. This has been in our lives for a couple of years. Definitely more people understood how humans are harmful for the earth and valuable ecosystem. We witnessed to disappearing Far East’s air pollution in the industrial areas. How nature got vivid again. Sustainability, disposable, recycled, vegan, natural and etc. these qualifications are going to be more demanded by the new customer.

Many fast fashion brands were already committed to change their fibers to sustainable materials. They did this in order to prevent the losing all resources of earth in the future. Zara is one of this brands. They will be changing all fibers to sustainable materials until 2025. Besides that they committed to use %80 renewable energy. Taking action is not only valid for clothing brands. Also the beauty brands are redefining themselves. For instance; UK’s beauty brand Tata Harper using just glass packaging so they are helping to prevent plastic usage. Another beauty brand Osea Malibu is only using plant based materials and recyclable glass packaging. Cosmetics store chain Lush also give its commitment to recycling packaging for a better future.

While brands are taking action to protect world our role is to demand the most nature friendly products for the future as customers.

‘Everyone is responsible for environment, so every individual should only demand the most nature friendly products.’

Begüm Oğuz

“New Author of Fashionziner Masterpieces”